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“We are what we consume. Every bite, breath, drink, and thought. I like to choose carefully”   – Nick Blasquez

This is War. The Battleground? Your Mind and Body. The Prize? Your Health (or lack of)

We are at war. The enemy is chemicals and the battleground is our mind, body, and spirit.

Everything starts with the food we eat. Everything. Any biology class teaches us that we are what we eat, but how often do we actually make that connection? Worse, we are kept in the dark about how to properly feed and heal ourselves by food industries who want to make fat, dull, chemically addicted Guinea pigs out of as many consumers as possible.

The sad truth is much of what and why we eat is the product of sweeping marketing campaigns. How we think about food is the result of advertising campaigns (think milk does a body good), political lobbying, and blatant corruption by the organizations we assume exist to look after our health, everything from medical journals to the Food and Drug Administration.

So let’s poke some holes in this campaign of misinformation.

Poisonous Personal Care Products?

Too much of what comes in contact with our skin on a daily basis is loaded with nasty toxic junk that has absolutely no business as an ingredient in any product for human consumption.

The solution is to expose these toxic products and swap them for healthful alternatives, including Do-It-Yourself recipes that work. As a bonus, self-sourcing is a lot of fun because it takes back our power from the manipulative corporations hell bent on abusing our trust—and health—for a better profit margin.

Power to the people, anyone?

Why Holistic Health?

It is time to embark on a new era of health and fitness. Living our best lives is going to take more than gym time, or cutting carbs, or trusting our health to those who prioritize profits over the health of its customers.

It is time to go back to the basics: more real food, less chemicals, and a focus on exercise that heals.

Why Bother?

We are inheriting this world one day at a time, a world that desperately needs us. But we can fix it and the best part is we only have to worry about ourselves. By taking charge of our health we transform into a beacon of health, and best believe every person you meet notices and draws inspiration from your good example.

This is positive change that contributes to the whole, the well being of the human race, which is pretty rad.

So please follow along. Or better yet, come hang out, say hello, and swap some holistic living tips. In the meantime, you can read a little about us and our motivation for creating this blog.