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The greatest gift of personal training is changing lives  –

Howdy! I’m Nick and here’s my story!MeIMG_6041

I am a certified nutritionist and personal fitness trainer with 8 years’ experience. I also have a BA in world history, a master’s degree in Special Education, and I am pretty close to earning a master’s in communication.

I’ve been extreme in many things and nowhere more than in the persist if “health.”

Crash diets, harmful supplements, over-exercising to make up for poor eating habits. I knew deep down, in my soul you could say, that I was living a lie. Although a model of health from an outside perspective, on the inside was another story.

Chronically high-blood pressure, Type II pre-diabetes, insomnia, anxiety, and depression became my world. Just my unique genetic makeup, I figured. What makes me me.

Until I learned to eat. Replacing diet foods and dietary supplements with organic vegetarian food. Real food. I quit focusing on calories and paid attention to reducing chemicals in my food, drinks, and personal care products.

In short, I focused on my health instead of my image. And this switch has been everything. Suddenly my food cravings (addictions) were gone!

I felt calm and optimistic. My heart rate became optimal and all symptoms of diabetes vanished. The kicker was one day on a beautiful hike in Lake Tahoe, California when my bud goes, “dude, you got a heck of a six-pack.”

I figured he thought I brought beer, but nope. I looked at a photo of myself and boy, I was the leanest I ever been. Keep in mind I’ve been trying and failing for body fat levels since I was 15!

And all through embracing a caveman like lifestyle where I move a lot, eat real food grown of this earth, and turn my attention to a higher power because I finally realized I most certainly do not have all the answers.

This blog is where I explore living naturally. Reducing chemicals, being more self-sufficient, and pursuing a state of ultimate holistic health.


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Matt Blasquez is currently a personal trainer for the US Army (and a full time stud).

A long-time holistic bro, he finds balance with a combination of Buddhism, meditation, eating a high-protein whole foods diet, and daily insanely difficult yet wonderfully creative workouts. Along with a strong focus on physical rehab including stretching, foam rolling, cryotherapy, and plenty of time sipping beers in the jacuzzi!

An athlete pretty much since birth, he was dribbling a foam basketball before he could walk. Throughout school he competed in basketball, football, cross country, golf, track, and weightlifting.

He discovered the benefits of a holistic blend of diet and exercise after years of getting on and off the injury wagon.

Through physical restoration, nutritious food, and learning to rely on his own energy systems (opposed to pre-workouts and such) he has discovered the path to ultimate health and wellness.

So drop us a line. Say hello, ask a question, or jump in on a discussion. We’d love to hear about your fitness journey and enjoy swapping holistic tips! In the meantime you can read about this blog and see if you’d enjoy being our partner in living well.

Nick & Matt Blasquez “the Holistic Bros”